How to Build an Appliance Repair Technician

We all know how hard it is to recruit good, experienced technicians to help your company grow, so we’re excited to share a new method for increasing the number of technicians on your staff: an in-house training program!

Inside our comprehensive guide to building your own appliance repair technicians, you will find:

  • Advice on how to hire apprentices who are likely to succeed
  • Sample training plan to create independent techs in 9 months
  • Tips on how to generate revenue sooner from trainees
  • Documents to help manage and supervise trainees
  • Ideas from other servicers with successful training programs

Turns out, it is far easier to find candidates with people skills, mechanical aptitude, and an eagerness to start a new career. And with our online training courses and the right supervision, you can turn these apprentices into high-performing techs after a period of only 6 months or so. These trainees will be more loyal to your company than a seasoned pro, with all the same skills (if not more), and ultimately cost you less over their first few years. Exciting, right?!

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Learn how companies use in-house training programs to solve recruitment.

Master Samurai Tech has been a great partner to us by helping our franchisees hire the people they want.

Doug Rogers, Executive VP, Neighborly General Manager
(formerly President of Mr. Appliance LLC)

Master Samurai Tech saves us a minimum of 1-2 months per person between training and ready to earn.

Brandon Tidwell, Owner, All Better Appliance

Customers deserve the best repairs, Master Samurai Tech is the best online appliance repair training program.

Paul MacDonald, Appliance Service Business Consultant, PMDgroup.ca
(formerly President, United Servicers Association)

I firmly believe these courses are the greatest thing to ever happen in our industry.

Todd Daganaar, President, Hometown Hero Appliance Repair
(formerly President, United Servicers Association)