Online Appliance Repair Training Courses

Master Samurai Tech is the original online appliance repair training school, and we work closely with our students and business partners to ensure our online courses continue to offer more appliance repair wisdom than anywhere else. 

From the core principles of appliance technology to advanced troubleshooting techniques, everyone who accepts the challenge of mastering the appliance repair trade will enjoy a more fulfilling, more profitable career. Enroll today!

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  • Core Appliance Repair Training


    Our graduates, including experienced techs, call this course a career game-changer. Take the guesswork out of appliance repair and easily fix appliances on your first visit.

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More Courses

  • Advanced Refrigerator Repair


    Learn an easy, foolproof approach to troubleshooting and fixing every refrigerator system, from sealed system repair to working on today’s computer-controlled contraptions.

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  • Advanced Oven & Range Repair


    Burn through any repair problem with ease. Gas, electric, dual fuel, microwave, induction, it won’t matter: after this course, you’ll know how to repair them all.

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  • Advanced Washer, Dryer & Dishwasher Repair


    Clean up with advanced training on how to quickly and very profitably repair all front- and top-load washers, gas and electric dryers, and dishwashers.

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  • Advanced Troubleshooting


    Learn the most advanced secrets of the Master Samurai Tech and become a true master. With these rare skills in your toolkit, you’ll rout your competitors.

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  • Delivering Professional Service


    Fixing an appliance is only half the battle—you also need to “fix” your customer’s attitude. Develop your people skills to please your customers and turn them into cheerleaders.

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  • Modern Business Management


    We share every trick we’ve learned over the past 30 years to help you start an appliance service company, win customers, and increase your profitability.

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  • 5-Star Customer Support


    Earn the trust of your customers while gathering critical information for the technician with this introduction to appliance repair. Designed for appliance service office staff.

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  • Advanced Courses Bundle


    Have you graduated from Core Appliance Repair Training? Ready to take on our advanced courses to become a true Master Samurai Tech? Enroll here for 10% off all Advanced Courses.

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  • Technician's Courses Bundle


    Includes Core Appliance Repair Training and all Advanced Courses at a 10% discount, plus the Delivering Professional Service course for free! Saves you $260.

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  • Complete Business Bundle


    Includes Core Appliance Repair Training and all Advanced Courses at a 10% discount, plus 50% off the Modern Business Management course! Saves you $270.

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