Delivering Professional Service Training Course

This course is the perfect opportunity to develop your people skills and learn our repeatable process for ensuring successful repairs, often on the first call. Learn how to wow your customers and turn them into cheerleaders for your business. This content is only available through our Technician’s bundle.

Available only in the Technician's Bundle! One Time Payment
or Monthly Financing Available Through Affirm

Course Syllabus

4 modules and 10 units Est. time to complete: 3-5 hours

Module 1: Delivering Professional Service Orientation 1 Unit

Learn how to get the most benefit out of this professional development course for technicians.

Module 2: Groundwork for Great Service 3 Units

Explore the customer mindset, the importance of first call completes, and how to prediganose.

Module 3: Delivering Great Service 4 Units

Develop the mindset and habits of a consummate appliance repair professional to handle all circumstances.

Module 4: Resources for Continuing Education and Final Exam 2 Units

Discover resources to keep up with changes in the appliance repair trade, then take the final exam.

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Putting the “Service” in Appliance Repair Service

In today’s competitive business landscape, it’s not always enough to be a technical repair wizard. How you handle service calls from start to finish—especially how you interact with homeowners—can make a tremendous difference.

We developed the Delivering Professional Service course to teach techs the soft skills needed to transform every repair job, good or bad, into a positive customer experience. Happier customers mean five-star reviews, friend referrals and repeat business, all of which put more money in your pocket.

Note: This course is only available (for free!) through our Technician’s Bundle. This course material is also included in our Modern Business Management course.